In January Minister of health Baiba Rozentale met with Patients’ Ombud chair of the board Liene Sulce to discuss cooperation feasibility of patient rights development in Latvia. Patients’ Ombud Office is an organization which cooperates with the largest health care institutions, consult patients and medical personal about their rights and duties in the health care system. Also Patients’ Ombud helps to solve conflicts and communication problems between patients and medical personal.

Baiba Rozentale said that each health care institution’s work is oriented to patient. Patients’ Ombud previous and planned cooperation with hospitals means that for the management it is important to help patients in complicated situations. For Ministry of health it is very important to get Patients’ Ombud feedback information about patient questions and to find out what kind of information is needed for them.

Ministry of Health is planning to sign a contract with Patients’ Ombud about cooperation and regular exchange of information due to improve health care services and patient information.