• To patients: about their rights and other questions related to health care system’s legislation, quality, policy and procedures;
  • To medical professionals, management of health care institutions etc.

Complaint handling management

  • Receiving complaints and feedback from clients and medical staff;
  • Resolving complaints, using an appropriate method;
  • Collecting statistics and report to the staff and management;
  • Using the feedback and complaints to improve the processes of health care.

Preparing and distributing information

  • For patients – public information campaigns and individual information about comprehensive questions of health care system, procedures, fees etc.;
  • For medical staff – informational activities, lectures, work-shops to improve their knowledge about patients’ rights, communication to clients and updates in policies;
  • For society – public activities (e.g., mass media, annual European Patients’ Rights Day) to enhance public awareness and understanding of health care processes and patients’ rights;
  • For health care service providers and management – reports about experience, obtained in Patients’ Ombud Office’s everyday activities, together with recommendations for system’s improvements.


  • Patients’ surveys
  • Health care practitioners’ surveys
  • Monitoring information to patients


  • With patients and health care service providers;
  • With governmental institutions, responsible for health care policy;
  • With pharmaceutical organizations;
  • With local and international patients’ organizations;
  • With mass media;
  • With education institutions.

Other projects and activities in Latvia and Europe